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Are insect-splattered windscreens making a comeback?

Have you noticed your car getting covered in dead insects as you drive – "just like the good old days" – too?

Are you noticing more insects splattered onto your windscreen this Have you noticed lots of insects splattered onto your windscr
Are you noticing more insects splattered onto your windscreen this Have you noticed lots of insects splattered onto your windscr

I thought it was just me that had noticed it, but yesterday Hazel in the office remarked that she’d noticed a lot of insects plastered onto the windscreen and bumper of her car. I was going to write about this a couple of weeks previously, but thought it was just a coincidence. Now I’m not so sure.

In late May, I made the long journey north to Scotland and hit three waves of flying insects. Not just one or two individuals, but a good old splattering that initially sounds like rain-drops, and one that required copious amounts of that expensive blue solution that garages sell in 5-litre containers, and long spells of fast windscreen wiper action to clean the glass.

I can’t be too precise, but the three main splatterings occurred on the A1 (North Yorkshire), A66 (near the Eamont), and M74 (upper Clyde/Annan). When I got home, a goodly crust of small flying insects bodies were welded to the front of my car, and I’d used up a whole tank of expensive blue windscreen wash. I decided that my journey had coincided with the grannom hatch. However, I have since kept my eye open for hatches elsewhere, and I’ve noted clouds of buzzers hanging over Rutland hedgerows (“like the old days”), good hawthorn hatches on the Tay, fished a really good sedge hatch on Eyebrook, seen lots of spinner activity and seen plenty of social media postings about big Mayfly spinner clouds, etc.

Since Hazel has also noticed this phenomenon – she’s only drives locally, and doesn’t drive like Lewis Hamilton – I’m beginning to wonder if our insects are on the increase? Or is it something to do with our extraordinary weather this spring, creating a mass hatch? The only thing I can do is to ask any of you out there if you’ve noticed the same thing, especially the insects plastered to your car windscreen, bonnet and headlights? Now, I can’t remember when that last happened to my car, but it was a very long time ago. As fly fishers depend on insects to drive their fishing, and with them being in decline for so long, I can only keep my fingers crossed, and buy some more expensive windscreen wash in keen anticipation of another smattering.

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